with Eva Fredriksen (Spring 2003)
[As part of DIS program in Copenhagen, Denmark]

"Architecture Office" (Copenhagen, Denmark)

This project, a proposal for a small architecture office in Copenhagen, torques towards the southern sky, preventing excessive solar heat gain by blocking the high summer sun while allowing in the low winter rays in order to warm the building during the cold, dark months. Furthermore, it responds to the typologies of the Danish neighborhood, respecting the role of the interior courtyard and the Danish sentiment for urban street life, creating a dialogue between front and back, night and day, winter and summer. Indeed, a massive door on the largely rusticated lower facade acts as a ceremonial attraction, swung open on weekends to announce gallery showings.

The interior of the building is a flexible space that maximizes exposure to the light that filters in from the front and rear facades, permitting much of the narrow lot to be lit naturally. In addition, the open half-levels relate visually to one another while also allowing for the possibility of installing temporary, movable partitions. The lowest level of the building houses the video display gallery.