with Eva Fredriksen (Spring 2003)
[As part of DIS program in Copenhagen, Denmark]

"Svommehal" (Copenhagen, Denmark)

This project, a proposal for a community center for recreational swimming, investigates the relationship between the public and private domain in terms of prospect and refuge, blurring the boundaries between these spatial characteristics in order to enliven an abandoned lot in Copenhagen. The existing site is an urban void that detracts from the neighborhood's atmosphere, hindering public interaction through its vast emptiness. As it exists now, local residents move around the site and not through it.

This proposal inverts the traditional roles of expanse and enclosure as signifiers of the public and private domain respectively. Here, public space is enclosed and internalized, encompassed beneath a single roof, in order to create a lively public forum. Moreover, a new system of vertical layering has been developed in order to create intersections of and interrelations between the two disparate spheres of activity. Indeed, the building is completely permeable and open to the public on the ground floor, providing neighborhood residents with a place to meet and interact. Hence, this design fosters movement through the site and encourages chance encounters amongst the neighborhood residents.