with Paul Lewis and Mari Fujita (Spring 2002)

"Unraveling Axonometric" (Princeton, NJ)

This project studies acts of translation across media, playing with the ambiguities of each representational system in order to create a final composition that has traces of these formal abstractions in form and logic. The final project presented here stems from a semester long investigation of the aforementioned techniques. First, a physical object was transformed into a drawing. Then, this drawing was translated into a three-dimensional model.

In this project, the two dimensional surface of the drawing is reconstructed as a three dimensional matrix utilizing orthographic projection in concert with mathematical formulae that determined the previously applied representational systems. This model emphasizes the unnoticeable discrepancies of axonometric systems used in the drawing, which hangs overhead. A series of platforms relates to the various stages of the object’s drawn transformation above and directly responds to the variety of graphical systems employed through positioning and interaction with the strings that cascade through the model.