with Hilary Sample (Spring 2007)
[In collaboration with Studio Sample]

"Monster" (or, When Koolhaas Met Our House)

The mirror is the primary vehicle by which the precedents are analyzed and reinterpreted - whereas the units are mirrored across a horizontal plane in the 34 Oak Street project, the units are doubled about a vertical plane in OMA’s Patiovilla. This project centers on the strangely seductive and horrifying nature of reflection. Here, the emphasis is on the terrifying aspects of the looking glass: a man with no reflection or, worse, one that is eerily disfigured... Indeed, nothing is more terrifying than the double. Just as strange is the reconfigured reflection, as when Gogol’s Kovalev runs into his nose dressed in military uniform on Nevsky Prospect. Hence, the grotesque possibilities of shifting reflections and refractions are manipulated to create two units with a shifting relationship, providing various degrees of architectural horror. This proposal, then, does not aim for one static configuration; rather, it proposes two units that can be infinitely reconfigured based on four simple concepts: quality of light, sectional movement, cinematic procession, and reflection. Each rule is isolated and explored in four specific configurations which also investigate different mirroring planes. This proposal, then, suggests an unstable architecture of possibilities.